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A general misconception is that your organisation “needs” data governance: in facts, it is very likely that governance of data is already taking place in your organization. The same thing can be said for the stewardship of data although in a mostly informal, inefficient and ineffective manner.
Many organizations view Data Governance as being over-and-above normal work efforts and threatening to the existing work culture of the organization but it shall not have to be this way.

Adopt an effective framework for data governance

We use a non-invasive data-governance framework that is ready for your organisation to implement. In our approach, responsibilities and processes are identified and recognized, formalized and engaged according to their existing responsibility rather than being assigned or handed over to people as additional work.

Start now and integrate Data Analytics

With the explosion of predictive analytics projects your organisation needs a pragmatic approach to make sense out of all these algorithms spreading among all your business units.
While data governance ensures you have responsibilities and policies around the use of data in your organization, analytics governance applies the same level of study to predictive analytics and machine learning projects and how they are implemented and deployed.
Start today with our blue-print  analytics governance.

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Fuel your business by using a team of experts to transition to a data-centric organisation and leveraging the benefits data can provide.
We will show you how data and analytics governance can produce real and tangible benefits.

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