Let’s be honest:  project management sucks. It is just a babysitting task that everyone can do.
You can have a trainee doing the job of keeping track of what people’s doing in your team and you should not hire any expert project manager. Stay away from those!
Project management, it’s a simple task that should not consume more than a third of your day. Most teams nowadays can organize themselves. Remember these are adults? Everyone today is talking about to trust your peers and let them organize themselves, take decisions when they’re stuck and manage efficiently their time : hey, you hired them as responsible persons, you’re not the head of a kindergarten right ? So you don’t need this “project management” thing. You really don’t.

You don’t need to see where are you in your roadmap to success, There are so many changes and forces along a project that is really impossible to manage them in a structured way. You have seen them all: this happened so many times in your career and you didn’t use any over complicated structured approach.
You’ve been always doing good as you were guided by your instinct because your business context as been always the same for the past decades.

Adding that extra layer of tedious scientific and structured approach to get your project stats does not really add any value. Only a bunch of numbers and trends that’s incomprehensible to most people do not really tell you any valuable insight on your project.

So why bothering to increase chances to succeed with your project when you can let it go and hope that something magic will happen ?
In the end, you don’t need to support your project decisions in front of senior audience, you just need to have a good speech and you can convince anyone that your project is doing well.

So yes, managing project risks and forecasting outcomes is just a matter of gut feelings: you simply ask for some money to “get that thing done” and you know you will achieve your goals in time and spending less than initially foreseen. You know that, all projects are similar.

Your stakeholders did ask you to reach some clear goals but you know how these things go: they don’t really know what they want. That marketing department is not really a “marketing department”, they don’t know the business as you know it. You have been in this business for decades, remember ? Nothing has really changed.

Do not ask your stakeholders for an early feedback, you can trust your gut feeling and build that thing that “they really really need”.
Why validating your deliverables or recording stakeholders’ feedback? It’s just a waste of time, you know you are going to change the scope of your project in a way or another.

What about your past projects ? Don’t even talk about the lessons learned you have found during your last project: keep it for you, don’t disclose it! So whenever the next time the very same similar project is run (hey, they are always the same!) anyone can be driven by guess-work.

You don’t need a structured approach, you just need to get that thing done. You’ll do it freestyle.

If you DON’T need good project management, so you shall NOT hire any project manager. You DON’T want to learn how to do project management right. Really you don’t.

So DO NOT contact us at Centurical.com, we are passionate project managers.
We are those folks that use structured approaches, designed by experts and adopted by Fortune500 companies to reach their goals in time and within budget.